Approach, Target Market, and Services

Approach, Target Market, and Services


Our Approach

In a fast-growing region where entrepreneurship is eclipsing traditional sources of wealth, people seek banks that are just as enterprising as they are. At Cedrus Invest Bank, we proactively seek out investment solutions that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. Owing to the fact that trust is a crucial element of a viable banking industry and is central to the relationship between a bank and its customers, our expert staff is dedicated to provide each client with professional attention and an individualized level of service by gaining full and clear understanding of their business and investment needs, their objectives and constraints, their source of wealth, as well as their personal lifestyle and retirement plans.
“We aim to build a cross-generational relationship with our clients, articulated around diverse methods to preserve their wealth and leverage our expertise to steadily grow it.”

Our Target Market

Though based in Lebanon, which is regarded by many as a focal point of liaison between East and West, CIB recognizes the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) as its natural target market. Accordingly, its business model is adapted to the region’s cultural uniqueness, characterized by undefined demarcation lines between both personal and corporate spheres.

Our Services

Wealth management being its core business, CIB has established a product proposition that includes multi-family office services, capital markets, investment banking, private equity, and real estate.
Our services are sustained by an efficient organizational structure, one that assists our investment specialists in the operation and analysis of the different processes and areas of the business.
Our bankers’ holistic approach allows them to devise multiple-account investment plans that cater for both individual and corporate clients—plans that are continually monitored and modified in accordance with changing market conditions.

Cedrus Invest Bank (CIB) was established in Beirut in 2011 by two accomplished Lebanese bankers, Fadi Assali and Raed Khoury, who had decided to return to Lebanon with the very intention of employing...
Mission, Vision & Values


To create significant value for our stakeholders and cultivate a mutually-prosperous...


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