Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Cedrus Invest Bank is nothing like traditional banking. It is about finding creative solutions to complicated situations and helping affluent individuals and their families manage their wealth today, and develop new sources of wealth for future generations.

Our approach is distinctive as:
  • We work with you in person to understand you closely and identify your goals and requirements, and create bespoke solutions that allow you, your family and your business to benefit the most from available opportunities.
  • Our team of investment advisors and portfolio managers has an extensive experience in managing investments based on fundamental and technical analyses.
  • We pride ourselves in being independent in our views while having access to all the international banks' research and maintaining an open architecture platform.
  • We allow our clients to choose their preferred place for booking their assets: on-shore with Cedrus Invest Bank or off-shore (mainly in Switzerland) with any of the major banks that Cedrus Invest Bank has agreements with. In both cases, Cedrus bankers would be actively managing the assets.

At Cedrus Invest Bank, we offer two types of investment mandates:
  • Discretionary: This approach has been designed for clients who lack the time and resources to monitor the global financial markets themselves. We work together to define the investment strategy, risk profile, other constraints and guidelines, while you delegate daily investment decisions to us.
  • Advisory: Alternatively, this approach allows the client to benefit from our expert advice while maintaining more control over investment decisions.

In both cases, clients are always kept aware of final actions.